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To My Valentine!

Homemade Valentines are the best Valentines.  I love getting them, they show the love and care a person took to make them!

Altered Pages Collage Sheets:
Jar Fairies Wings
Victorian Children
Vintage Valentines
Printed manila tag
Dew Drops
Tacky Glue
Doilies - Pink and White

On Printed manila tag spray Mist and let dry.

Attach Doilies (Pink and White) to tag with Tacky Glue.
Fussy cut images from Altered Pages Collage Sheets: Jar Fairies Wings (wings), Victorian Children (little girl) and Vintage Valentines (the word Valentine).  Attach images with Tacky Glue. Attach the Flowers withTacky Glue. Add Dew Drops with Tacky Glue and let dry.

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Love to Travel

"Love Makes the World go Round" with travel.  Traveling is one of my favorites things to do... I dream of the places I would love to visit next!

Manila Tag
Brown mist
Metallic Rub
Gilding Foil
Altered Pages Collage Sheet Vintage Travel
Bazzill Mini Edges
Chipboard gears
Tacky Glue
Ink brown & gold
Black ink pen
Glue Stick
Dimensional Foam

On Manila Tag apply Paints using Punchinella, let dry.  Mist dry tag with Brown mist, then let dry.

Apply Metallic Rub randomly on the tag.
Adhere Gilding Foil with DUO to the tag.  Add a Bazzill Mini Edge to the bottom of the tag with Tacky Glue.
Type the words " LOVE to Travel" on the computer.  Draw lines around with black ink.  Use Metallic Rub to age.
Ink Chipboard gears with Inks - brown & gold. Cut image from Altered Pages Collage Shee

Little Box of Love

This month for 'Love makes the World go Round'  I wanted to make a tiny box for a Valentine or other gift. I wanted it to Shout LOVE , so here is what I did...
I began with a small oval shaped box and painted it with pinks and oranges for a mixed painted metallic look.  I stamped a heart image on to a patterned piece of pretty paper and then fussy cut it out. Next, I glued around the heart edges and added pink sparkly glitter for a cute outline
Finally, I added some pink/beige flat back pearls all around the edges using larger ones at the bottom and smaller on the top. I made them more secure by using a strong glue for this. Items needed: Pigment Ink
Pretty paper -There are some lovely ones here
Flatback pearls
Strong Tacky glue

Fill the World with LOVE

Let us warm things up with LOVE. 

We can all use a hug or a kind word.   Mailing an Old Fashioned Valentine card is a great way to make someone feel good.  Even if you buy a box of Barbie or Hot Wheels cards at the the drug store, send them off with a kiss and hug!  Make a postcard to save on stamp costs but send it to make someone's day.

My project today is scissors paper, glue and love!
I cut a heart from chipboard and applied music and tissue paper with ppa glue and a brush. PPA is amazing and works so great on many surfaces.
Wrap the lace around the heart after applying text/music/tissue papers. Do a temporary layout of where you want embellishments and then  glue any trims into place.    I used our wonderful flowers and touched them with soft red to echo the red paper.  You can see the flowers without red above.   Using our new RED SATIN SHIMMER PAPER and more chipboard I cut another larger heart.  I used DUO glue to apply gilding randomly.    The top heart does not need a ba…

Precious Past Love!

More project from thearchives of Altered Pages!  Here are a few projects from the past for inspiration! A Very Vintage Valentine ~ Barbara Rankin Valentine Bunting Panels ~ Trisha Neal LOVE block - Jean Moore
A Valentine for Him ~ Daniella Eiffel Love you Forever ~ Lyneen Jesse

Valentine Salsa

Do you like making collage cards?  There are a lot of different types of collages, but my favorites are when I can take a bunch of unrelated images and make a scene with them.  When I was making this card I jokingly called it "Sally spices up a Tuesday night".  Yeah, I crack myself up.  

The entire That's Class collage has become one of my favorites.  Beautiful ladies and dapper men make great additions to any scene.  The attitude of this lovely lady is fabulous...with her nose in the air as she dances her spicy salsa moves.  In the original picture, I thought the handsome man she was dancing for looked like he was unimpressed so I decided to give her a better audience.  The gentleman in my scene was having a discussion with another fellow.  I cut that conversation short and cut the other guy out of the photo.   I snipped around his fingers to cut off the gloves he was holding and also to allow him to appear holding the roses.

This little romantic dance was built on an old …

To the One I Love!

Love is in the Air, have you felt it?  Sometimes you may have to look a little harder.  For some it is Love for the New Beginnings that can come with a New Year and others it is for family time with the holidays or thoughts going to your beloved with Valentine's Day just around the corner.

In doing my annual tidy up of my art room I came across a piece of a Gel Print which I had done last year using punched heart shapes so decided that this would be my starting point for my project today.

I had cut out images from the 'To the One I Love' Collage Sheet from Altered Pages with Valentine's Day in mind and looked at my options.

I settled on an image that had a declaration of love with it and then picked out a few other coordinating elements, a border edge strip, a flower and some neon pink ink.

Cardstock/Base Gel Press Print Background Collage Image from  the 'The One I Love' Collage Sheet Border Strip Flower Radiant Neon Ink

Danie xx