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A Class of Flowers

Let's celebrate the flowers that Spring brings us - Summer brings even more blooms.
I do love to see smiling faces and we had that!

There are so many variations of paper flowers to be made, we have several styles for you to enjoy.

I was privileged to teach a paper flower class and the lovely ladies who attended were so very much fun!   All work for the Arizona Cardinals Football team.  Their jobs are intense and require precision and VERY LEFT BRAIN functions.
I told them they had to check that at the door because we were going to get loose and funky!

Here are some of the photos.  I do believe they taught me a few things!   The
"group leader or Mother Hen" brought all the toolbox needs and then some!  Work talk was discouraged and laughter was the main focus.  We excelled at that for sure! 

Each lady became more adventurous and creative as we went along.  They laughed and showed off their work. 
Songi Kaitlyn  Christine This lady had it going on, you can see from that impish g…
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Endless Possibilties with Paper Flowers

Who doesn't love huge colorful flowers? Well, let's make some! Gather up a bunch of patterned papers...card stock works best, but by all means, add in some Vintage Music Sheets or other papers that you love.  This is a great way to use up scraps because the largest piece of paper I am using here is 6x6 so size does not matter.  You can do 8x8 or even 12 x 12!  As long as you have a perfect square you are all set.  This is great to work on when you feel like creating something, but you are not sure what.  Just grab pretty papers and start cutting petal shapes.  You can store them in a baggie or envelope and they will be ready to go when the mood strikes.  You can make a ton of these little guys while binging your fav Netflix.  This pic below represents a very small number of petals that I have cut recently...there are many more behind the scenes.  ;-)  To get the flower shape you will take your square of paper and fold it in half and then in half again.  Then starting about one inc…

Terrific Tuesday Story of Ducklings

So many happenings this month for us.  We had DUCKS in the pool, a family of 9 ducklings plus Mom and Dad.  

Sadly we could not keep them, they are very messy!   We had Liberty Wildlife come and take them to a rescue location where we found out they were quite happy and integrating wonderfully.   Happy swimming babies!
In honor of the Mallard Family, we have some images for you to color. Simply click on the image then right click and save to your desktop.  Have fun.

We asked people to help name the babies and we got a great response. Pepe Marcel Shaniqua Louis Wade Pookie Quackers Puddle Dood

Thanks to all the MOMS

Ikea is a wonderful source of inspiration, and I used a 99 cent frame for my project.
My Mother and Grandmother, Doris and Stella circa 1950 (yes she was pregnant with me).

The fame is plastic so I wanted to make it look like aged metal or old wood.   I started with some modeling paste and then several paints.  I added some little trims to make it happy.  
Have the most wonderful Day, we send much love and hugs to everyone!
Jean and the Team.

Red, White and Blue two ways

With Memorial Day on the horizon this month I have started thinking about one of my favorite color, white and blue!  We all know that those colors are associated with patriotic events, but they can be fun for other projects, too.  This week I'm sharing one of each.

Collage 3118 Greyhounds has a lovely vintage lady with her hounds and the colors are perfect to pair with the Authentique paper pad Heroic.  There is even a frilly brocade pattern that plays off the French words in the photo.  

Flip those patterns over and you'll find a more traditional patriotic design.  For this card I used the Uncle Sam image found on the collage called Patriotism.

Both cards were made with the same layout and embellishments so you can see how easy it is to create an entirely different look with a single paper pad.

PRODUCTS USED: Authentique Heroic paper pad Greyhounds collage Patriotism collage Dew Drops & Tacky Glue Double sided adhesive Foam dimensional adhesive squares

Kitty Cat

This month one of my friends in her art group on Facebook started offering some journal prompts to play along with.  One of the prompts was Kitty and I immediately thought of the fun collage sheet available from Altered Pages.

I started by adding some Gesso to my page as the Coffee I had used to color the previous page had seeped through a little.  Because of this I also decided to use a coffee toned paint for a little stencilling with the Fireworks Stencil from The Crafter's Workshop to highlight the cute quote which was on the page of the cover on one of the Authentique Paper Pads.

In no time at all I had my creative fix and a simple but cute take on the journal prompt.

Danie xx

Chickens have all the fun!

It seems like everyone has chickens anymore!
Here are a few tags for the love of chickens.

These tags incorporated sprays (Maya Mist), assorted Papers, collage #1832 Vintage Chickens, ephemera, ribbons and florals.

Come back and visit often!